How to Be a Part-Time Real Estate Agent: Tips and Requirements

Part Time Real Estate Agent Jobs, Employment

Entering a new career as a part-timer can be stressful, especially in real estate. And since you will be doing other work, your multi-tasking skills will be put to the test. In addition, you’ll likely have more responsibilities than full-time agents so your capacity for juggling all tasks becomes crucial. You need to be ready to face the challenges in the field. Time-Intensive – Like most jobs, you’ll get out of this one what you put into it. The more time you spend forging connections and making sales, the more money you’ll make. It can be difficult to balance your clients’ needs and schedules around a full-time, 9-5 work schedule.

Part Time Real Estate Agent Jobs, Employment

When deciding if a career in real estate is right for you, be sure to consider whether you have the time and cash to get your license and cover your startup costs. In most cases, you can expect to spend about two to five months completing school and getting your real estate agent license.

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Real estate agents always work under the umbrella of a licensed real estate broker. Eventually, you may want to become a broker yourself, in which case you’ll need to meet additional educational and experience requirements. When you have acquired your broker license, you can work independently and hire sales agents to work for you. Real estate agents and brokers help clients buy, sell, and rent properties. One of the best aspects of real estate and why most agents are so happy with what they do is that every day is different in this business. You will constantly be at new open houses and fresh properties working with new clients.

In this post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of working part-time in real estate, as well as tips for how to do it effectively. You can work a full time job and only represent people in your immediate network. Real estate agents get paid a percentage of the amount of final sale price.

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If a referral agent recommended that agent to their client, the referral agent made $3,600-$4,500. That’s why you have to be intentional with your time investment. You become a legitimate, legal agent when you receive your license. This shows everyone that you have the training to represent them in a transaction. In other words, you have to get a license and sign with a brokerage. You might want to work part time or you might want to pick up a slick side hustle to compliment your full time job.

Without generating new leads for your business, people won’t know about your service and you will have no new clients. So, telling them your intention is vital during the brokerage interview. This is where you tell them why you want to become a real estate agent. This is where you get training, legal resources, and even your morning joe. As mentioned above, many people believe that striking it rich as a realtor is as easy as selling a few big properties. It can be hard to find a good brokerage when you’re first starting out.

Dworshak believes working with an established team and administrative assistant is crucial to a new agent’s success. This will help you understand what houses are going for in your local market and give you a more accurate idea of what you have the potential to earn. Try sites like or Part Time Real Estate Agent Jobs, Employment to find the median sale price for areas near you. Typically, if the market is “hot,” you’ll see that inventory is lower than it was at this time last year. Additionally, you should notice that “for sale” signs don’t stay up for long, and that there are less than three months of inventory on the market.

Can You Be a Real Estate Agent Part-Time?

It only takes a few home sales a year to bring in as much as $50,000. To obtain a real estate license, you first need to find a reputable real estate school for your pre-licensing class.

Part Time Real Estate Agent Jobs, Employment

The more you advertise, the less you have to rely on referrals to make things work. Using your income to invest in a better social media marketing campaign or even getting newspaper ad placements will help you gain more business. Since you’re not working the desk as often, you will have a more challenging time getting leads. But team members aren’t just helping you out of the kindness of the hearts. They’re also expecting to earn a percentage of your commission out of the deal.

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You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in oureditorial policy. Between the licensing course, application fee, fingerprint/background check, and exam, you might want to budget anywhere from $550 to $1400 to get started, depending on the state. Not to mention the startup expenses such as Multiple Listing Service fees, business cards, sale signs, open house signs, website, and other miscellaneous costs, which can add up fast. Knowledge of or willingness to learn the local real estate market and purchase process.

How do I find real estate clients?

  1. Work Your Sphere of Influence.
  2. Use Email Marketing the Right Way.
  3. Ask for Referrals.
  4. Become a Pro at Real Estate Networking.
  5. Create a Professional Website.
  6. Harness the Power of Social Media.
  7. Add Content Marketing to Your Strategy.

That figure increased, too, with years of experience up to 33 percent with 16 years or more in the industry. While the numbers may seem low at first, keep in mind that some really hit the ground running, and if you don’t, everyone gets better with time.

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You have to finance your entire real estate business on your own . Until you make that first blessed commission, you’ll have to pay for everything out of your own pocket. That includes marketing costs, fuel, office fees, wardrobe, professional association dues, and more. Then there are your personal living expenses like food and shelter. It all adds up and can be an unbearable burden in the first year if you haven’t prepared ahead of time. Before you quit your day job, you may want to try selling real estate on the side. Fortunately, your real estate license is valid whether you work full-time or part-time.

Below are the basic steps for becoming a licensed real estate agent, part-time or full-time. Once you get your real estate license, you’ll have another way to make money. And not just pocket change but multiplied thousands of dollars each month. Because your earning potential isn’t capped at a set salary, you may actually earn more by selling real estate part-time than you do at your full-time job. Most real estate agents and brokers don’t earn a salary. Instead, they make money through commissions, which are usually a percentage of the selling price of the property, or less frequently, a flat fee. When you become a real estate agent, you are a salesperson and a whole lot more.

Most people enter the real estate industry on a career part-time basis because they think they can work any time. Your clients expect you to be available to answer questions and show homes at any time, often outside typical work hours. You may be expected to come into the office or spend part of an evening in the field regularly. You may love the idea of making real estate your full-time career, but you may not be at a place where you can make the switch. Why not start out with real estate as a side-hustle and see where it takes you before you go all-in?

  • If you ever get bored in real estate, you’re not doing it right.
  • Once you start to get clients, you’ll want to provide them with the best service you can so that you can get repeat business and referrals from them.
  • It might be up to you to find somebody to fill your shift for you for some jobs.
  • But team members aren’t just helping you out of the kindness of the hearts.
  • This also gives you the opportunity to really try out this career without risking significant financial loss.

You can usually find this out with a quick Google search. All in all, it will likely take you about six months to become an agent and cost around $2,000.

Inputs, maintains, organizes, and reports on information regarding lease dates, dollar values and financial accounting transactions into a lease management software database. Ensure first-party homeowner property claims are fairly and accurately investigated. In this role, you’ll assess coverage, liability and damage analysis of property damage claims. You’ll also effectively negotiate settlements while communicating with… The Bookkeeper or Staff Accountant performs full cycle A/P for multiple projects simultaneously including correspondence with project managers, documentation and reconciliations. This role is 2 days Remote and 3 days In office; M-F; and offers…

  • That figure increased, too, with years of experience up to 33 percent with 16 years or more in the industry.
  • SimplyHired may be compensated by these employers, helping keep SimplyHired free for jobseekers.
  • Being a part-time real estate agent can be an excellent way to make money on the side.
  • Flexibility is perhaps the best thing about part-time real estate work.
  • If finances aren’t an issue, you may be able to go all in.
  • When you’re just getting started in the industry, you’ll probably have to take care of them yourself.
  • Charles has taught at a number of institutions including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Societe Generale, and many more.

If needed, you can customize this template as a real estate broker job description. It’s true that most universities don’t offer a bachelor’s degree in real estate. Don’t let that tidbit obscure the fact that agents undergo rigid licensure training and continuing education to succeed. But that doesn’t mean agents can abandon the office for days on end or vacation at a moment’s notice. Clients have demands and busy lives as well, and many expect agents to cater to their schedules.

Gig Work (Odd Jobs, Pet Sitting, Food Delivery, Rideshare)

You might have the ability to create your schedule at the beginning of each week, so you can work your server hours around appointments and showings you already have scheduled with clients. If your restaurant is open late, you willingly take on the night shift, or you’re a late-night bartender, there’s also very little overlap between both jobs. Unfortunately, some brokers are less inclined to take on part-time agents. Brokers invest a lot of money on administrative services, agent development, and getting leads. They make their money back by collecting a portion of the commission.

A good brokerage will explain the process in-depth, show you how to make a living as a part-time real estate agent, and give you a shot at showing your mettle. Once you’re licensed, it’s time to start letting your network know that you’re a real estate agent, and you can help them sell or buy a home. You’ll also want to out there and network with new people as well.

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Maintain close communication with customers, originators, third-party vendors and underwriters to ensure proper and timely settlement. Verify underwriting and funding conditions are signed off prior to settlement. Get the week’s leading headlines delivered straight to your inbox. Simply enter the email address you used to create your account and click „Reset Password“. The number of required hours and classes you must complete are different in every state, but usually include 60 to 90 hours, and take anywhere from three to six months. Help buyers understand mortgage options, interest rates, and finance terms.

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