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We EMPOWER PIONEERS by bringing you some of the best business ideas, latest hot products and services, and proven money-making opportunities so you can avoid wasting time and focus on “winners” opportunities. A digital asset is anything that exists in a digital format and comes with the right to use, own, sell, and transfer. The Asset Marketplace currently takes NO FEES when Sellers transact directly with buyers and accept cryptocurrency or cash as payment. Sellers can also allow access to the built in debit/credit card processing through PayPal and are charged a 4.49% fee +$0.49 per transaction. Furthermore, through STRMNFT, users can follow their favorite content creators, create playlists for the video NFTs, and also sort the content based on categories.

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Faxes will be a thing of the past, so will manual cap table updates, duplicated KYC checks and long investor onboarding times. DAMs can utilise automation across all of these currently laborious processes and realise a highly automated and efficient operation. They can offer a seamless experience for their clients, one that is truly digital from the ground up.

Investors that hold a share in a company can also utilize the DAM to discover other investors to interact with. They can act as a ‘maker’ or ‘taker’, i.e., selling or buying respectively. They can firstly discover other investors on the DAM and interact by connecting with and making buying and selling offers.

As you will be selling the digital products directly from your website, it will be great for SEO, and you will also receive more organic sales through your blog. You can sell your digital products from your blog, social media pages, or even your e-commerce store through the use of Payhip. Payhip also has an affiliate program so that you don’t need to keep track of customers who are promoting your digital products. Ko-fi allows you to build a monthly income by offering memberships for your subscription-based digital products.

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TNC Group promises that all participants in StreamCoin’s ICO and staking platform will receive discounts on these collections. Furthermore, environmental considerations are high on StreamCoin’s priority list, which is why the team employs the Proof of Deed approach to conserve electricity and resources. The token is a way of raising funds with a number of advantages over traditional trading methods. Content series are logical groupings of recurring content that can be packaged together. This identification is done automatically via Artificial Intelligence and allows brands to have logical stories and strands that they can own and activate.

  • Nathanial Chastain, a former product engineer for the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, was arrested Wednesday morning and charged with wire fraud and money laundering.
  • The Capture team can customise larger design changes to the template on behalf of the client.
  • Marketplace is an AI-powered platform that aggregates content groups across a range of digital sports inventory, allowing…
  • Tokeny provides an enterprise-grade infrastructure to allow companies and financial actors to compliantly issue, transfer, and manage assets on blockchain, enabling them to improve asset liquidity.

New types of investors can also be opened up, as efficiency gains translate into better opportunities to fractionalize and reduce the investment ticket size, allowing issuers to potentially target retail investors. The prospect of a more liquid secondary market also opens up a greater band of investors. A white label turnkey solution providing primary market, secondary market and multi-asset portfolio for your investors. This shopifying of NFT assets, leads to a distributed network of networks, with world state stored collectively in the AssetMantle chain. The Exberry platform allows startups to unleash their potential and easily digitise a range of assets, at very low cost. You won’t have to spend more of your time managing your shop because Etsy does the work for you.

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And it’s not purely restricted to trading, either — you can combine two CryptoKitties to make a third, new cat, for example. This ability to play around with your digital assets after creation adds a new dimension that separates these assets from traditional, purely trading-based games. On a lighter note, the StreamCoin team was excited to share more details of the exciting features they have to offer. Through STRMNFT, users can follow their favorite content creators, create playlists for the video NFTs, and also sort the content based on categories. Users will even have their own personal channel with options to make their content available for public or private views. The STRMNFT team also adds that as a preliminary offer, STRMNFT features a free digital asset minting until July 2022.

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This allows us to react quickly to changes while maintaining a trial of those changes and where risk dictates including stakeholder approvals. We can be flexible with organisations whereby we can add your CAB into our process, allowing you to maintain a record and control of most changes. Security governance approach Capture’s business activities and processes are aligned to the ISO27001 standard and we remain committed to industry best practice methodology whilst working towards attaining certification. We take every necessary precaution to protect our customers data and ensure data centers and third parties meet our high standards also.

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